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Eterra Tulipô -- Set-up and Use Instructions


1. Entirely read and understand these 2 pages of instructions before use.

2. Eterra Tulipô delivers temperature-limited heated air. However, with the Eterra Tulipô It is very important to stop inhaling at the point that first heat or the flavor of the herbal material or tobacco is detected. Next remove the stem from the heat source and continue to inhale "flavor" from the stem itself. If you cannot "taste" or sense temperature, limit stem insertion time to about 5 or 6 seconds (try 2 seconds for preheating and 3 seconds inhalation). One can always reinsert under cooked or "sticky" material for another round or two. The important point is not to dry out the throat by being over ambitious. Spent, extracted, cooked herbal material produces no vapor, only dry heat. So when you have extracted the moist and volatile materials, its time to stop. Always keep "sipping" after removing the stem from the hot boot, this can be the most flavorful and satisfying time. Also drink water and keep everything lubricated...

Also Important:

When in use, place the Eterra Tulip on a bookcase or table, keep the unit away from blankets, curtains, or messy desks with paper. Its Hot, treat it as you would treat a hot iron. Keep the unit and cord out of reach of children and pets. Keep the unit dry. If it gets wet contact us. The Tulip is designed to be somewhat shock resistant. However its best to handle the unit with care and avoid dropping. If the unit is dropped on a hard surface it is possible to crack the ceramic outer coat of the black tulip heater. The unit will function fine with small cracks. If a larger crack is produced through damage or if the tulip core heater part should become loose, contact us. We will probably ask you to send it back to our repair department. We can probably fix it for a total of about $10.

End of Warnings

Eterra Tulipô is designed for single or multi-puff use. A tiny load of smoking material is placed in the brass tip of the black plastic stem; hot air filters through the smoking material, evaporating the volatile substances into an inhalable airstream in a single inhalation (or maybe two inhalations or more with the XL and Glass stems).

A 12-volt transformer comes with Eterra Tulipô . Plug it into a wall outlet, and then insert the electrical connector into the plug on the back of Eterra Tulipô . The indicator lamp will come on. Let it heat up for several hours before first use, then use the stem to blow into the Eterra Tulipô to remove any residues of manufacturing. Leave it on if you wish (about 8 watts), so that it is always ready anytime you are. Or if you unplug, remember it takes only 8 to 10 minutes for the unit to come up to the proper operating temperature.

First, load the stem with a small amount of smoking material prepared as described on reverse page, "IMPORTANT NOTE" DO NOT PACK the stem with smoking material because air has to be able to percolate through the material. Use the stem's brass tip as a scoop. The smaller the amount of material, loosely packed, in the stem's brass tip, the more efficient is the vaporization process. A loosely packed stem tip is ideal.

DON'T let excess stuff spill over the side, or the stem will get jammed into the Tulip 's heat port! Keep the Tulip horizontal during inhalation to avoid spilling material into the heat port.


Before putting smoking material in the tip of the stem, grind it so that air can percolate through it. A good way to grind it is by "straining" it through a corsekitchen strainer -- one having wires spaced about 10 per inch (about 3 per centimeter, prepare extra material in advance and store in an air tight container). It is important that the smoking blend or tobacco be in small particles so that the heated air can filter through it with minimal obstruction to flow. Good air flow through the tobacco is important to getting high efficiency heat transfer and vaporization.

Insert the loaded tip of the stem into the "heat port" of the Eterra Tulipô air heater. Inhale heated air through the stem. For best efficiency, continue to draw on the stem after you have removed it from the heat port.

Summary: 1. Put a small amount of prepared smoking material in the brass tip of the black plastic stem, (use the stem's brass tip as a scoop) DO NOT PACK the stem tight, because packing will obstruct the air flow. 2. Insert the brass tip of the stem gently into the heat port of the Eterra air heater. 3. Inhale slow and steady -- STOP INHALING when the vapor coming into your mouth feels warm or you can taste the aroma of the tobacco or particular herb(al) blend at hand . Next remove the stem from the heater, the stem and material inside are still hot and will give off vapor, continue to inhale for best results. 4. Discard the spent smoking material by blowing it from the stem into the small drawstring bag we include or a wastebasket etc. The ejected material should not be burnt.

Very Important Stem Cleaning Note: If you can't blow out the "smoking" material from the stem tip, as in the case of super gummy materials like sage or honey cured tobacco, reinsert the stem and either inhale or simply heat the material and then quickly eject it. Ideally the material should exit as complete "plug". The best way to clean the stem is, as a final routine, plug the stem into the Eterra's hot boot, heat for a few seconds, then eject into the small bag provided as if you were using a blow gun (staccato)... Unless you pack the material too tight, it should all very cleanly eject. The above method is very helpful after each use in that it prevents the build up of residues that further complicate effective use and cleaning. A probe should ideally never be used in the brass stems with delicate screens... But if you must. you can very carefully use a toothpick to "swirl", not dig out material caught along the edges. With proper use screens will last indefinitely. We now offer special screenless glass stems with instructions $20. post paid.

Special Transformer note:
To avoid damage the transformer should never be dropped or bumped, especially when in use or warm from use.

The Eterra represents 25 years of research covered by multiple United States patents.
The vaporizer is designed to be parsimonious with smoking materials. Questions, comments or feedback e-mail:[]