Ordering Eterra Moxie™ or Moxie Ultralite™

The Moxie ultralite is not as attractive as the Moxie Classic, looks sort of like like a cigar, has no light, heats up quicker, uses less power, is lighter and smaller (about 1 oz)... and is $150 the classic Moxie is now $200.

both packages above include 2 stems, wall mount power, instructions and a 20 day return option if its not for you. (less $5 for shipping) Keep in mind that the ultralite is not temperature regulated like the moxie classic so beware of its "sassy" ability to get real hot. This device is not designed t be left on continuously. Please eMail us first for availability and a special order form that we will send you.


Turn around time for the Moxie is up to 20 days ordered by US Mail. We only ship USPS Priority Mail (no Express Mail or rush shipments) Yes, we can ship to a PO Box because we only use USPS.

Please drop us an eMail before ordering.
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