Eterra Moxie™ Instructions for Moxie Classic and the New Ultralite.

The Moxie is a tiny heat exchanger unit for flash vaporization of herbal material. The system works well if you follow the instructions and develop a feel for its unique personality. Careful... It can get hot. Preceding use please carefully read all the instructions below.

Start: Preceding use, plug in power and preheat Moxie for about 80 to 90 seconds. This is a good time to load the stem(s). Stem Instructions: The Deluxe Glass Stem will arrive with black plastic covers. Your Glass Stem has no screen and has a greater volume than the XL Brass Stem (which we have discontinued). One must place a small un-screened piece of plant material into the stem first as a plug. Be sure the plug is loose enough to let air slowly seep through. Next place more material as desired into the barrel. Do not compact the material. It is best to fill the barrel less than full . Next use the enclosed bamboo probe, gently twist it using the sharp end to create a opening through the middle of the material lodged in the tip of the stem.

Next insert loaded stem (glass stem only) and let set for about 10 to 15 seconds. Next, draw very slowly and pull out at the first sign of flavor or heat. Its IMPORTANT to error on the light side when puffing but important to preheat adequately. Enjoy that flavor. Be sure to continue to draw on the stem after desertion from the heat port. Keep in mind that while the stem is out of the Moxie, the heater inside the Moxie is sucking up power for another puff. On puff number 2 you can reinsert the stem in as early as 10 seconds or wait for hotter temps (about 15 seconds) insert and let sit for about 5 seconds on puff number 2. For puff number 3 keep in mind that the Moxie is getting screaming hot by now; puff 3 through 5 are screamers and should executed faster and with care... upon desertion watch out for the hot tip of the glass stem. Load 2 stems and alternate keep in mind a cold stem needs more time to heat up at first. Hint: for feedback, during stem heat up, use pinky finger to tap the glass stem at near the base of the black “bat”. When its hot its time to vape.

To recap: Preheat the Moxie, insert the stem for the proper duration, take the first part of your puff, then desert the stem while continuing to puff! No flavor or heat after about 5 seconds? Desert the stem and let the Moxie heat up more. Then try again. The Glass stem can hold up to 6 puffs. After each puff or beginning with puff 3, use the bamboo probe to "slake" off the top "toasted " part of the tobacco or herb being vaped. Employ a twirling or back and forth movement with the bamboo probe across the portion to be removed. Then hold the stem horizontal and lightly tap it into the waste bag (provided) Continue slaking after each remaining puff for best results.

INHALE VERY SLOW DO NOT INHALE HERBAL MATERIAL. THE MOXIE CAN GET HOT, DO NOT BURN THE MATERIAL, GO LIGHT AT FIRST. THE GLASS STEM IS DELICATE. CAREFUL NOT TO BREAK IT. Always be sitting or stationary when using the Moxie with the glass stem. IMPORTANT never eject the stem contents anywhere where fire danger exists. Please use the enclosed waste bag or a secure area to eject materials.

When ever possible and a must for beginners is to have water to drink after each puff DO NOT DRY OUT THE THROAT.

If the stem should break, carefully contain if, return it with $5 (clearly mark that a broken glass is enclosed), and we will fix it and return it. Be sure to thoroughly clean the stem inside and out with rubbing alcohol before returning it to Solaria. We cannot fix unclean stems and will return your payment if the stem is not acceptably clean.

Thermal Shut Off: Moxies currently do not use a thermostat to control the temp. The Moxie is "tuned" to reach a peak temp and then either shut off, or in the case of the Moxie Ultralite, get a bit hotter than needed. You control the heat by sensing the flavor and watching that that material does not discolor due to prolonged insertion in the heater. This is not a device you hand to someone without careful instruction. The Moxie can attain temperatures that can burn the material proposed for vaping, so be careful. UNPLUG THE MOXIE WHEN NOT IN USE.

The system runs on any 12V source supplying 1 amp or more power (ac or dc center pole + for the LED to light up, 2.1 mm plug) Learn to use the Moxie with a 12v source other than the battery pack. The enclosed wall mount power supply or the Eterra Classic or Tulip power supply works, or any 12v (AC or DC) source with 1amp or more... such as RV battery power (careful not to run down the battery), off the grid solar power etc... KEEP THE MOXIE AIR HEATER DRY AND STORE IN A DRY PLACE. The Moxie Unlike the Eterra Tulip is not met to be left on continuously.

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