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As far as we know the Eterra Moxie™ is the lightest most compact flash vaporizer available.

We recommend that you try to put nothing other than fresh air into the lungs. good luck. We are saddened by the enormity of harm due to current primitive age old modes of herbal and tobacco inhalation and feel it a noble challenge to offer an alternate cleaner mode. We make no "official" health claims. However common sense and science indicate that unburnt material generally contains far fewer toxic compounds. Further benefits include relief from secondary smoke that can be 20 X more toxic than primary inhalation.

The Eterra Moxie™ Flash Vaporizer is a cleverly engineered system for the delivery of "sweet"tobacco and herbal vapors through the application of heat. The Eterra is not an "electronic pipe" it does not burn, the Eterra "expresses" traditionally used plant material with relatively low heat. A vital key to the Eterra system is its increased ability to leave behind denser problematic compounds such as unhealthy tars and resins. For those who choose exploring herbal legal plant materials using low heat, vaporization is a smart option.

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