Eterra -- Set-up and Use Instructions

Summary: 1. Put a small amount of prepared smoking material in the brass ip of the black plastic stem, (use the stem's brass tip as a scoop) DO NOT PACK the stem tight, because packing will obstruct the air flow. 2. Insert the brass tip of the stem gently into the heat port of the Eterra air heater. 3. Inhale slow and steady -- STOP INHALING when the vapor coming into your mouth feels warm or you can taste the aroma of the tobacco or particular herb(al) blend at hand . Next remove the stem from the heater, the stem and material inside are still hot and will give off vapor, continue to inhale for best results. 4. Discard the spent smoking material by blowing it from the stem into the small drawstring bag we include or a wastebasket etc. You can very carefully use a toothpick to "swirl", not dig out material caught along the edges. Again, be sure not to dig the spent stuff out; you can dislodge the little screen which is extremely light weight (which helps make the whole system more efficient). The ejected material should not be burnt.

Very Important Stem Cleaning Note: If you can't blow out the “smoking” material from the stem tip, as in the case of super gummy materials like sage or honey cured tobacco, reinsert the stem and either inhale or simply heat the material and then quickly eject it. Ideally the material should exit as as complete “plug”.

The best way to clean the stem is, as a final routine, plug the stem into the Eterra’s hot boot, heat for a few seconds, then eject into the small bag provided as if you were using a blow gun (staccato)... Unless you pack the material too tight, it should all very cleanly eject. The above method is very helpful after each use in that it prevents the build up of residues that further complicate effective use and cleaning. A probe should ideally never be used in the brass stems with screens... With proper use screens will last indefinitely. We now offer special screenless glass stems wth instructions $20. post paid.