Eterra -- Set-up and Use Instructions

First, load the stem with a small amount of smoking material prepared as described on reverse page, “IMPORTANT NOTE” DO NOT PACK the stem with smoking material because air has to be able to percolate through the material. Use the stem's brass tip as a scoop. The smaller the amount of material, loosely packed, in the stem's brass tip, the more efficient is the vaporization process. A loosely packed stem tip is ideal.

Before putting smoking material in the tip of the stem, grind it so that air can percolate through it. A good way to grind it is by "straining" it through a standard kitchen strainer -- one having wires spaced about 10 per inch (about 3 per centimeter, prepare extra material in advance and store in an air tight container). It is important that the smoking blend or tobacco be in small particles so that the heated air can filter through it with minimal obstruction to flow. Good air flow through the tobacco is important to getting high efficiency heat transfer and vaporization.

Insert the loaded tip of the stem into the "heat port" of the Eterra air heater. Inhale heated air through the stem. For best efficiency, continue to draw on the stem after you have removed it from the heat port.
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