Eterra -- Set-up and Use Instructions
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Eterra delivers temperature-limited heated air. However, if the air you inhale from Eterra feels too hot, then please don't inhale it. There's no benefit to inhaling air that feels too HOT, even if produced by a device made for non-combustion inhalation. Be careful. Be EXTREMELY careful if the air feels hot in your mouth or throat, then STOP inhaling.
End of Warnings

Eterra is designed for single-puff use. A tiny load of smoking material is placed in the brass tip of the black plastic stem; hot air filters through the smoking material, evaporating the volatile substances into an inhalable airstream in a single inhalation (or maybe two inhalations during the process of learning how to use Eterra to maximum efficiency).

A 12-volt transformer comes with Eterra. Plug it into a wall outlet, and then insert the electrical connector into the plug on the back of Eterra. The green indicator lamp will come on. Let it heat up for several hours before first use, then use the stem to blow into the Eterra to remove any residues of manufacturing. Leave it on if you wish (about 8 watts), so that it is always ready anytime you are.** Or if you unplug, remember it takes about 15 minutes for the unit to come up to the proper operating temperature.

Place it on a bookcase or table, keep the unit and cord out of reach of children and pets.
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