Eterra -- It's Always Ready! **

Finally, true instant heat! Eterra is the most efficient way to use smoking materials WITHOUT SMOKING.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! -- Human lungs should inhale pure air, with a little water vapor. Eterra is NOT a health-giving alternative to smoking; it makes plant compounds such as nicotine inhalable without using combustion as a heat source. Nicotine and other plant compounds are, however, poisons. Eterra is a less deleterious way to inhale things that human lungs should NOT inhale.

Eterra (patent pending) provides instant heat because it is always hot. Electrically heated air, instead of combustion, evaporates plant compounds into an inhalable airstream -- without toxic combustion byproducts. For maximum efficiency, use only small amounts of smoking material, just enough for a single inhalation.

It's Easy to Use:
Once Eterra is plugged in and warmed up, you never turn it off!**
1. You prepare your smoking material so that a tiny bit can be scooped loosely into the brass tip of the stem
2. Insert the brass tip of the stem into the "heat port" of the Eterra

3. Inhale slowly through the stem
4. Remove the stem immediately from Eterra's "heat port"
5. Blow the residue into the small bag we provide. (See the detailed instructions)